Andy Golledge is a livewire and a gentle soul, trapped in a 70s tuna fisherman’s body. He looks like your old man back in the day, sounds like Neil Young, with the energy of Springsteen, and a vulnerability all his own.

Anyone who says Sydney’s wild live music pub scene is dead has never been swept up in the joyful mania of an Andy Golledge show. Most of the city’s gig goers have either seen Andy strip to his undies at a show, gotten topless at one themselves, shed a tear in the crowd, or, most likely – all three.

The Tamworth native's tracks span from foot stompin’ party starters to the heartachingly fragile. Cause that’s life, isn’t it? They're painfully honest, instantly relatable, and catchy as all hell. Think Dad Rock meets alt-country – with a massive injection of heart.

Hailing from the country and coming of age in the city has clearly made its mark, with debut EP Namoi exploring modern love, nature, vices, getting older and getting by. The first two singles off Namoi are the perfect introduction to Andy’s self-reflective candour; leaving you with a dawning impression that he could easily be one of the most honest songwriters in Australia today.

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