SAT | Federal Hotel | 1.30pm
SUN | Brewery | 2.30pm

Yhan Leal and the Neverland Band is the Bellingen based dream folk outfit, performing band versions of Yhan Leal songs, unique covers and experimental improvisations.

Neverland can of course refer to Bellingen's Never Never waterholes, conjure up a wonderful, magical island with perfect waves and ageless, happy inhabitants. But It's also the name of a Japanese punk band from the 80's that wrote for Anime films.

All these meanings feel fitting for our musical vision; no genre should define us, our only wish is to resonate out into the universe as an expression of our love of freedom through music.

The Neverland band is made up of Yhan leal, Tali Krieger, Lawrence Pastro and Scot Aired.

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