FRI | Brewery | 9.15pm
SAT | Diggers Tavern | 1pm
SUN | Cedar Bar | 8.15pm

Gleny Rae Virus has been a mainstay on the folk and country circuit since her days as a Toe Sucking Cowgirl in the early naughties.

Her deep love for accordion music has lead to this pivotal moment, when polka music will be reborn.

The People's Polka Party draws on music from Mexico to mid-western America, the Balkans to Ireland, and of course the birthplace of polka, Germany. Gleny Rae Virus also adds some fiddle tunes and her original songs to the mix, along with a wild sequin outfit and plenty of cheeky humour!

She will be joined by the Polka Cowboys Andrew Smith and Lachlan Dengate as they venture into polka medleys of classic songs. No song will be left unapolkerated!!!

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