FRI | Federal Hotel | 10.45pm
SAT | Memorial Hall Workshop | 10.30am
SAT | Golf Club | 8pm
SUN | Memorial Hall | 6pm

Hailing from the far north, now residents of Melbourne, The Montgomery Brothers have immediately set about delivering their sound to the music capital of Australia.

With each member from distinctly complimentary musical families, the at times rapturous and fiercely talented three piece generate moments of soul, blues, latin and rock’n'roll that delightfully belie their youth.

“It's like a brain bath, because you kind of follow, kind of get it, but you don't know where it's going. Theirs is a channel of insightful chaos. Listening to the Montgomery Brothers, that is. They generate the kind of live music environment where you turn to your friend and delightedly just nod.” - Danny Ross

Performance highlights include Woodford Folk Festival, The Great Southern Blues Fest, Echuca Winter Blues Fest and Caloundra Music Festival

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