SAT | Festival Marketplace | 11.45am
SAT : Brewery | 6.30pm
SUN | People Of Coffee | 1.30pm

Then Jolene live performances tread the fine line of orchestrated chaos, good
humour and frenetic energy, similar to a diesel engine that cogs into 5th gear along a gravel road.

Then Jolene have performed across NSW in a wide range of venues, from small country halls to traditional beer barns, micro breweries and wineries to festivals such as the Bello Winter Festival, Yamba Surfing the Coldstream Festival, Coffs Harbour Banana Festival.

Then Jolene is equally at home in small, sit down venues and larger festivals, tailoring their set to suit the mood. Then Jolene released their debut, self titled album into the world in 2016 to positive reviews.

2019 will see the band recording and releasing their second album.

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