SAT | Golf Club | 11pm
SUN | Diggers Tavern | 11.45pm

TEK TEK perform virtuosic and original music inspired by tropical jungles, late night Balkan weddings,
1960s chic, and shamanistic desert rituals.

The balance of three guys and three girls captivate audiences with exclamatory trumpet; hedonistic violins and organ; deeply pulsating drums and bass; wild psychedelic electric guitar and synthesizer; and a rich smearing of harmonized singing (and wailing) thrown on top.

The band is representative of the fine quality music coming out of Melbourne and features members of:
The Bombay Royale, Vulgargrad, The Cumbia Cosmonauts, Papa Chango,
The Sugar Fed Leopards and Johnnie and the Johnnie Johnnies.

TEK TEK Ensemble are from Melbourne, Australia but have performed
numerous times across Australia, once across South East Asia, and twice across Europe.

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