FRI | Cedar Bar | 9.30pm
SAT | Cedar Bar | 9.45pm
SUN | Memorial Hall Workshop | 12pm
SUN | Cedar Bar | 7pm

In a hilarious whirlwind of wicked charisma and anecdotal spectacle, critically acclaimed avant-showgirl, Miss Friby, will present a wild array of cabaret, burlesque and vaudeville acts.

Sharp wit, satirical bite and absurdist performance is on the menu as Miss Friby, dissects humanity and it's graceless empire in a sparkle fuelled frenzy that is oddly refreshing and downright bizarre. See yourself in satire, I dare you.

Green Room Award nominee, Fields Award Finalist and even Australia's Got Talent Finalist, Miss Friby, is a one woman whirlwind that, year after year, bends the minds of her beloved audiences with wild and irreverent shows! Expect high flying movement, exquisite aesthetics and hilarity like never before - this is one wild ride folks!

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