FRI | Golf Club | 9.30pm
SAT | Memorial Hall | 4.30pm
SUN | Federal Hotel | 7.30pm

Karen Lee Andrews has reconnected with her guitar, hitting new strides and a new style, which can only be described as Oceanic Blues. And now this commanding Polynesian woman of soul is back with her own original music and new EP. Her sound is an exceptional blend of American Blues, Soul and Gospel. The roots of the sound are gritty guitar, glowing valves, lush tremolo and deep reverb in a distinctively fluid Oceanic expression.

Growing up around her mother’s large Polynesian family instilled in her the role of music in bringing people together. A powerful and rich voice that carries the mood and tones of love, pain and the blues.

“Soulful and bluesy, with so much heart and pain, delivered with so much class.”
- Sound of Oz

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